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We are a networking site designed and run to keep all the businesses in the Oxford area in constant communication with each other. One of the main problems, with businesses, is the lack of communication and when work/cash flow starts to dwindle, the effort to re-kindle relationships or find new ones is a very hard thing to do.

Therefore, we will work continuously 24/7 to bring customers from both commercial and domestic areas of the community from within our online services. In addition to online activities, we will be out speaking to businesses both on a one to one basis at their premises and also at the various events around the country.

Future of businesses

It is true, that when a business is running at full capacity, they do not always look at future sales areas. However, when in that situation, they should still concentrate on other areas of business expansion to carry on the work/cash flow for their business. If a business does expand their sales areas, they must always look at other options to replace the sales that are in progress, for when that period ends.

Otherwise they will find themselves in a period of low productivity. The consequence of this, normally ends in lay offs or short term working times for employees. Some companies still pay a full weeks wage but some do not. So someone will lose out somewhere along the line.

Our aim is enhance on the economic development of Oxfordshire/UK, World communications on a local, regional, national and international basis and create a high prosperous environment for us, our fellow businesses; new businesses and create a multitude of employment opportunities.

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Businesses near Oxford

Oxpos is a non-profit making organisation, offering impartial information and advice to support individual entrepreneurs, innovators, new business start ups and established businesses in Oxford and Oxfordshire. In pursuing this goal, we work closely with individuals in Oxford, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), regional development agencies, local government, universities, research institutes, technology providers and innovation supply chain practitioners.

What businesses do we work with?

We have worked with a number of businesses in Oxfordshire, including dentists, restaurateurs, opticians, business consultancy teams and others.

About this county

Oxfordshire is a southern midland county, bounded on the north by Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire on the east, Berkshire and the Thames on the south, to the west by Gloucestershire. Traditionally part of the kingdom of Mercia, there are still remains from this bygone era. During the Civil Wars Oxford was the Royalists capital, making Oxfordshire the scene of some important events during the reign of King John.

We include any web site which is either about Oxfordshire - or contains information about individuals, organisations or businesses based in the county.

Our list is built up by submissions which have been made to us and by finding links contained in any of the web sites we visit.

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